* We are always recruiting new members and volunteers so we can open up new Kommuniti Hubs! Right there in your own Suburb.

Welcome to Kommuniti Hubs
Hyper-local, interconnected, building community wealth and wellbeing and aligning with the #SDG11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

Kommuniti Membership........ is FREE
If your home is your sanctity, your family is your world, and you see opportunity in your community? Then Kommuniti Hubs are the answer!

What if, you and your neighbours could afford to live, work, and play, from or, close to home, and it was all sustainable for our planet and our people? 

We highly encourage every Citizen and Business to become a Kommuniti member for FREE and to play an active part in your own suburbs localised economy and community wealth building.

Community Wealth Building?
Community wealth building is rapidly growing all over the world, it's about creating fairer, more inclusive, sustainable economies. It is a people-centred approach to local economic development, which aims to place control into the hands of local people and redirect wealth back into our local economies.

By bringing together residents, businesses, and local government authorities, our key objective is to bridge the trust divide by;

  • Creating engaged, informed, and active groups of focused citizens
  • Citizens that are positively influencing democratic leadership, capacity, and practice
  • Our Local Government focussed on Community Wealth Building from Local Economic Strategies
  • Having a Placemaking approach to activating Community spaces
  • Designing out, Loneliness, Poverty, and Homelessness in our own backyards
  • Kommuniti Hubs (Virtual and Actual) strengthened from collaborations, locally, nationally, and internationally

Kommuniti Hubs
The glue the holds a local community together and where the lack of an actual building does not stop them from getting started. If there is no Kommuniti Hub for your suburb yet, then let's get started with one of our virtual Kommuniti Hubs.

Nextdoor Kommuniti - bit.ly/NextdoorKommuniti
Neighbours are invited by neighbours to the Nextdoor online platform and app. All Nextdoor neighbours are verified that they live locally and are generally who they say they are. No more trolling from those that have fake profiles, No more perpetuating scams or posting anonymously. 

Nextdoor is our Kommuniti that comes together online to greet new neighbours, exchange recommendations, and engage in the latest local news conversations. Where neighbours genuinely support each other and get push notifications from their public services, like Local Government announcements, Road Closures, Unlawful events or activities etc.

Facebook Kommuniti - bit.ly/FacebookKommuniti
No Kommuniti would be complete without at least a Facebook presence and we draw a lot of new Kommuniti members from our collaborations with some Facebook groups and pages.

Kommuniti Kooperatives (Under development)
Kommuniti Cooperatives will bring innovation and employment to our suburbs - watch this space

Check out our Events Calander of Meetups, groups, activities, workshops and events bit.ly/KommunitiHQEvents

Kommuniti Kafe
We meet at a local coffee shop each month to support our local businesses and to "Buy Local". We meet on days and at times that are suitable for our neighbours and our neighbours, neighbours.

Edible Gardens Kommuniti - bit.ly/EdibleGardensKommuniti
Our Edible Gardens Kommuniti are encouraged to have their patch registered on the Grow It Local platform.

Grow It Local is passionate about growing, sharing and eating locally grown food. Mapping the edible landscape, from windowsill herbs to backyard patches, community gardens to foraging locales and sprawling orchards to balcony farms.

It’s about time the sharing and gig economy came to our suburbs and gave the community the opportunity to share expertise, homegrown produce and homemade foods, seeds, seedlings, workshops, experiences and all manner of related growing and culinary products.

Kommuniti Walking Group bit.ly/KommunitiWalkingGroup
Heart Foundation approved walks for keeping healthy. Suburb by suburb, days and times by consent. 

ESHIP Kommuniti Meetup bit.ly/EShipKommuniti
Social Entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing sustainability movement to save people and the planet we meet on and offline with plans 

BeConnected Kommuniti bit.ly/BeConnectedKommuniti
Digital inclusion, every Australian online. FREE Computer training.

Kommerce and Kommuniti
Small Business including Local Trades and Services are very much encouraged to become FREE Kommerce members and let's keep our money local, our jobs local and our innovation local.

Like what you have seen and heard, then it's time to play YOUR part!

BECOME A KOMMUNITI MEMBER HERE - It's FREE  You have nothing to lose, but your Kommuniti has everything to gain.

Kommuniti Hub Volunteering - bit.ly/KommunitiHubVolunteering 
Through our ongoing memberships and collaborations, we are looking to grow Kommuniti Hubs all over WA, Australia and the World, a movement, putting the unity back into community. 

The skills and experience of volunteers found in local communities are often much greater than people imagine.

Leadership is also important an important aspect of any community venture, it is often through individual leaders that ideas start to turn into reality.

Volunteer and Leadership positions:

Current -

- Social Media Moderators
- Meetups and Groups Organisers

- Circle Delegates and Suburb Leaders

Future -

- Facilitators and Secretaries
- Grants and Fundraising Officers
- Event and Functions Coordinators
- Social Media Managers
- Mentors and Tutors

All community groups, associations, trusts and companies are doomed for failure without good governance. Good governance starts with everybody having a say and being able to make decisions without requiring a Government/Head Office type approval. 
We use circles of sociocracy to decide, who decides!

Need more information? 

Please use the contact us page